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Mission Statement

The mission of the Lisbon Central School is to be a resource for ensuring the academic, cultural, and social development of community members.
Our school provides an environment which is secure, stimulating, and nurturing. The curriculum provides the prerequisite skills for a successful personal and professional career, delivered by a staff committed to caring and excellence. Our result is productive members of society who are able to maximize their potential in an ever-changing world.

Our Motto: Learning - Caring - Sharing 

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Parent and Student Survey

Throughout the month of January, Drive for 25 will be completing a report that will be a crucial component when appealing to the state to continue the Drive for 25 Farm to School Grant.

As part of this report, Drive for 25 would like to gather some data from students and parents from our school district.

They have developed two short SurveyMonkey surveys, one for students and one for parents. Below is a link to a flyer that contains links to both the student and parent survey. 

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